Can your employer fire you for becoming pregnant?

No! California employers are banned from wrongfully terminating female employees due to pregnancy. Employment discrimination based on pregnancy is a kind of sexual discrimination, that is illegal by FEHA.

Expecting mothers also protected from harassment on the basis of pregnancy. But simply because you're pregnant, doesn't mean they can't fire you. If you're a bad employee, they could fire you. If they're laying off your department, it is possible to go too. If you get fired as you're pregnant suspects the reason you have been fired was your maternity, call a wrongful termination attorney to investigate your case.

Do California workers have the right to their work after receiving maternity leave? . Yes! Workers in California, which exercise their right to maternity leave might not be discriminated against for taking a leave of absence.

They've a right to come back to their same or a comparable position after their maternity leave has ended. The employer isn't allowed to cut your cover whenever you return.

A recent 2017 pregnancy discrimination update didn't change the basis of CA's anti discrimination laws. If you think that you had been fired due to your pregnancy, disability associated with pregnancy, or maternity leave you must telephone the best employment attorney in California to get a free consultation.

Some administrative rules and laws can have changed in 2017, but the vast most of the calls to our office are all about termination or anticipated termination. Consequently, it's improbable that the maternity leave laws in California that can have changed in 2017, will affect the analysis of the office during your consultation.

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