Child labor

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Most countries retain strict laws and have limited the minimum age for working to 14-fifteen years. Nonetheless, there are many exceptions, which were set by the International Labor Organization.

For developing nations, where the economics of the nation could be determined by the working children, it may be eligible for children of over 12 years old to do light work in appropriate conditions as long as it does not influence their formal schooling.

The ILO has limited the minimum working age to 18 years old for work in hazardous circumstances, for example, working on a building site, dealing with machines that could cause any type of injury.

Unfortunately there are many reports of unacceptable work conditions and abuse involving children. According to the International Labor Organization, in many third world Contries slavery, prostitution, human trafficking and many other inhumane practices Are very common. The penalties that are imposed for the breach of any kind of child labor law depend on the circumstance and the local government.

Under the California Labor Code, "minor" is considered as any individual younger than 18 years and are required to attend shchool.

Emancipated minors, while subject to all California's child work laws, may apply for a work permit  without their parents' authorization.

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