Wrongful Termination Damages and Settlements

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

However illegal you believe the termination can have been, you still may have to at least threaten, to file a lawsuit to correct a wrongful termination. You could initiate a complaint against your former employer for wrongful termination by delivering an intent to sue letter from your labor lawyer.

Sometimes a formal letter is all it takes for your former employer to try to reach an agreement without going through litigation.

The benefits to getting your wrongful termination suit in court is that a jury may determine the case, and juries have a tendency to side with former employees. An alternative to the unlawful termination lawsuit would be to arbitrate the case. Opting to arbitrate a wrongful termination case could be beneficial, as it's frequently less formal and can be a settle faster than litigation.

In reality, some kind of arbitration may be your only option in the event that you signed an obligatory arbitration agreement with the employer in question. Additionally you don't require a wrongful termination attorney on your side of the table in arbitration, but the American Arbitration Association recommends it.

Having a professional lawyer who represents you in an unlawful termination arbitration ensures your claim is well put together which ensures a positive outcome in your favor.

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